Beaumaris Town Council has committed to oppose proposals to close Haulfre Residential Home.

The County Council have announced a consultation exercise about the future of Haulfre.  The Town Council will engage fully with that exercise to ensure that the outcome is in the best possible interests of the home's residents both now and in the future.  However the Town Council is just one voice.  The more people that speak up in support of the home and its 18 vulnerable residents the better.  To help people to make effective representation to Anglesey County Council the Town Council will use this page to share what it is doing and provide links to as much background information as possible.  Please feel free to make use of any of the information here.

  1. Report to Anglesey County Council Executive on 2 July (click here)
  2. Webcast of the Anglesey County Council Executive on 2 July (click here)
  3. Freedom of Information Request made by Beaumaris Town Council in order to obtain background information that informed the report to the Executive (click here). 
  4. Report on Haulfre by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate (click here).  The Town Council feels that the tone of this report does not support the rather bleak picture painted by the Anglesey County Council report (1 above).
  5. Press release issued by Beaumaris Town Council (click here)
  6. Article produced for inclusion in the town newsletter (click here)
  7. Text of letter sent by the Town Council to The Older People's Commissioner for Wales (click here)
  8. Text of Town Council's response to Anglesey County Council's consultation on the future of Haulfre (click here