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The custom of perambulating the old Borough Boundaries, or as commonly known “Beating the Bounds,” has been exercised in Beaumaris since the original Charter of King Edward I in 1296.  The perambulation took place every seven years in order to acquaint each succeeding generation with the boundaries.  Although the observance of the custom today appears to be only a pleasant revival of an historical custom, in 1296 when no maps were available it was of great practical importance in ensuring that no encroachment occurred, and it was a serious duty to be performed at the command of the Constable of the Castle and the Mayor of the Borough.

In 1562, Queen Elizabeth I granted Beaumaris its Charter of Incorporation, giving the town Corporate status.  Special reference was made in the Elizabethan Charter to the extent of the Borough, and the document also gives power to perambulate the Borough Boundaries and also, if expedient, to cast down, destroy, break, burn all such hedges, walls, ditches, boundaries, houses, house walls, crosses and all other enclosures without any payment.

The custom usually took place on Rogation Day (the Sunday before Ascension Day), but a Public Holiday is normally chosen in modern times to give everyone an opportunity to take part.


The event will take place on Bank Holiday Monday, 26 May 2014

A procession of all those participating will form up outside the Town Hall, headed by the Town Band and led by the Town Mayor and members of Beaumaris Town Council.  The procession will leave at 9.30 am for St Mary’s & St Nicholas’s Parish Church for a Service at 10.00 am

Following the service, the procession will re-form and move to the Pier Entrance at 10.45 am.  After a short service, the Town Mayor and members of Beaumaris Town Council will proceed to the Pier Head, when a pebble will be cast into the Menai Strait as a reminder of the jurisdiction of the town of Beaumaris and its former Corporation over the Harbour and its waters.

Perambulation of the Boundary will then commence, led by Mr Will Williiams, moving along the shore to Gallows Point, up Point Hill and across the Golf Course to the old house called CEFN at about 12.30 pm for refreshments followed by a short service.

Since one half of the building is in Llandegfan and one half is in Beaumaris, the Town Mayor will cross the roof.

The walk will re-commence at approximately 1.30 pm

The route then crosses the main Beaumaris-Pentraeth road, skirts CREMLYN and follows the RIVER CADNANT to GORSLWYD, near the village of Llanddona.

At this point, at approximately 2.30 pm, the Town Mayoress will crown the ‘Queen’, the oldest lady inhabitant of that area with a crown of heather and wild flowers.  A collection is made to present to the ‘Queen’

The route then proceeds to St Iestyn’s Church, arriving at approximately 3.00 pm for a short service. 

The Town Mayor will be preceded into Church by two pupils of the David Hughes School, wearing mortar boards and crowns of turf cut locally.  The crowns will be left on either side of the doorway.

After the service, refreshments will be provided and the perambulation will re-commence at approximately 4.00 pm

The route then proceeds via PEN Y BRYN, GYFYNYS and PONT Y BRENIN, the bridge across the Beaumaris-Llangoed road. 

Some people will walk under the bridge to claim the Boundary.

The route then passes Rhos and Trecastell to the shore at Gorad Bach, and back to Beaumaris via the shore.

All will then disperse.